Why Go to New Zealand

New Zealand is the place nature lovers can't afford to not to  visit. The country offers many spectacular sceneries and a variety of exciting outdoor activities. Composed of several islands, it has excellent beaches where you swim and lull around to your heart's  content, and areas where you can go   scuba diving, snorkeling, kayaking, surfing, parasailing, and other water sports  and activities. Its rugged terrain offers walking and mountain climbing, skiing, bungee  jumping, sky diving, white water rafting and others. It's wildlife is one of the most varied and  exotic in the world.  You  will  have a great  fun with the  penguins.

New Zealand has many  places you'd want to visit.  You'd  want to go to Auckland, the country's  largest city, where you can get  acquainted  with the culture by  visiting  the Auckland Art Gallery  and other  museums.  The Auckland Domain park, 185-acre in all, is a good place as any for  vigorously walking. The Bay of Islands, a group of 144 islands, is not far away  from Auckland. After  you  have  acclimatized  yourself with the culture you can certainly  hop  in a car  and go  to the island for some  splendid water  activities.

You can go to Rotorua, a town near the famous lake of the same name,  famous for its  Maori culture and geothermal activity.   You will marvel at the Te Puia's Whakarewarewa Valley where  there are boiling mud pools and  the  Pohutu Geyser, 30 meter stall,  erupting  numerous times a daily.  You  will find a Maori village and  enthralled by traditional weaving and wood carving and schools located in the Maori Arts and Crafts Institute. You can go to equally interesting and stimulating Capital city Wellington,  with its  cable car, botanic gardens  and the famous Lambton Quay.

The good thing about going to  New Zealand is  you  will  not  have trouble finding cheap accommodation . There are many hotels in the country.  In Auckland  there is  the grand windsor hotel,  equipped with the amenities that can make  your stay  comfortable. 

It is also very near the  center of the city  and its famous landmark, the Sky Tower. Know more about hotels in https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hotel .

In fact  you will not have  any accommodation problem at all  if from Auckland  you are planning to go to other  places. The rotorua hotels is  member of the CPG Hotels that has properties  in other  places like wellington, rotorua, Picton and Dunedin. You can easily reserve a room from the grand Windsor.